Polyflex Advanced PU expansion joints


Polyflex Advanced PU expansion joints
A system of durable and flexible PU expansion joints.

POLYFLEX® Advanced PU expansion joints represent a new generation of flexible expansion joints. The material for filling the expansion joints has 2 components, mixed in individual packages, at room temperature, on site. With POLYFLEX® Advanced PU, the width and thickness of an expansion joint can be adjusted to requirements. You can also choose the type of expansion joint used, for example passage-to-pavement slabs, bevels, crossings and twists.

POLYFLEX® Advanced PU can be applied at temperatures from 5°C to 35°C, regardless of air humidity. After several hours from building in the expansion joint, full loads can be applied. Full functionality of the expansion joint is guaranteed in a -50°C to +70°C temperature range, which significantly surpasses the admissible range of traditional expansion joints.


1. Smoothing layer of polymer concrete (not included in the installation kit)

2. Flooding mass of modified PU material

3/4. Mounting composed of a set of screws 3., a steel angle with spacers 4.

5. Stabilizer

6.Stabilizing steel element with guard for movement above 30 mm

7. Reinforcement of polimer concrete

B0 – width of expansion joint

S0 – width of gap in bridge construction



Types of POLYFLEX® Advanced PU expansion joints

STANDARD (nominal movements: > 30 – 135 mm)

FOR SMALL MOVEMENTS (nominal movements 15–30 mm)





Possible uses of POLYFLEX® Advanced PU expansion joints
Construction of bridges for public transport use (road and rail),
General and industrial construction,
Railway station buildings and platforms,
Car parks, airports, hangars and runways,
Sterile welds and joins in pharmaceutical facilities,
Chemical industry (expansion joints resistant to solutions and acids),
Clinics, hospitals, laboratories,
Food industry,
As a substitute for traditional steel joints,
Sliding surfaces in heavy industry.
Advantages of POLYFLEX® Advanced PU expansion joints
Highest durability,
High driving comfort,
Seamless surface – zero noise emission,
Quick installation – possible with minor traffic limitation in one lane,
Rut-proof and highly resistant to abrasion (can be used on overtaking lanes, in mountain sections etc),
Allows for a choice of appropriate sidewalks and kerbs,
Simple cold treatment, thanks to a defined compound ratio,
Resistant to climate conditions and chemicals (acids, bases, salt etc),
Service-free, as opposed to the steel joints usually used,
Can be used in quick, simple repair of local damage to expansion joints (caused by snowploughs or car accidents etc),
Resistant to ‘slow traffic’.

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