approvals and bridge analyses


  • Comprehensive assessment of the technical conditions of engineering and building constructions,
  • Technical approvals and analyses of bridges,
  • Specialized material research using non-destructive methods,
  • Recording of bridge and road constructions.

Our services include evaluation work on the current technical status of road and railway bridges, as well as of road concrete surfaces. We also carry out basic, detailed and special analyses of bridge constructions, together with detailed on-site tests concrete testing. Test data from these serves as the basis for technical and economic analyses. In consequence, conclusions on the usability of tested constructions, in use or on renovation works, are made from such data. We also prepare renovation plans for concrete constructions, and offer advice on using modern technologies and repair materials.

We use test methods that allow for quick and accurate determination of relevant concrete parameters, such as:

  • Resistance to pressing, determined using the sclerometric ‘pull-out’ method and laboratory testing of control bore-holes,
  • Resistance to stretching, determined using the ‘pull-off’ method,
  • Location and identification of reinforcements in ferroconcrete using electromagnetic methods,
  • Water permeability, determined using the GWT method,
  • Depth of concrete surface carbonatization,
  • Obtuseness of scratches or cracks and determination of their activity,
  • Resistance to chloride penetration, determined using RCP method,
  • Testing for the amount and distribution of chlorides in concrete sections, determined using the RCT method,
  • Location of different kinds of internal concrete defects (defectoscopy using the Impact-Echo method).

We also perform:

  • On-site laboratory services for engineers and building constructions,
  • Follow-up and acceptance testing of engineering and building constructions,
  • Diagnosis of geotechnical parameters of subsoil.

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