diagnosis of concrete constructions


We use test methods that allow for quick and accurate determination of relevant concrete parameters, such as:

  • Resistance to pressing, determined using the sclerometric ‘pull-out’ method and laboratory testing of control bore-holes,
  • Resistance to stretching, determined using the ‘pull-off’ method,
  • Location and identification of reinforcements in ferroconcrete using electromagnetic methods,
  • Water permeability, determined using the GWT method,
  • Depth of concrete surface carbonatization,
  • Obtuseness of scratches or cracks and determination of their activity,
  • Resistance to chloride penetration, determined using RCP method,
  • Testing for the amount and distribution of chlorides in concrete sections, determined using the RCT method,
  • Location of different kinds of internal concrete defects (defectoscopy using the Impact-Echo method).

We also perform:

  • On-site laboratory services for engineers and building constructions,
  • Follow-up and acceptance testing of engineering and building constructions,
  • Diagnosis of geotechnical parameters of subsoil.

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