Quality Policy, Values and Security


TARCOPOL follows the rule that every employee is responsible for quality. We build mutual relations with employees and Clients based on respect and dignity.

The Company’s Board pays particular attention to providing employees with adequate working conditions; the Board promotes training which raises qualifications and awareness in work quality and safety. At the same time, the Company expects every employee to be fully engaged in fulfilling their obligations, by appropriately and accurately carrying out their tasks and constantly honing their skills, as well as by fully engaging in the Company’s development-oriented tasks.

The Company’s mission is to provide high quality specialist design and construction services in the field of bridge engineering. Reliable performance of works and Client satisfaction are our utmost goals. Effective implementation of objectives and the guaranteed highest level of the services we provide are achieved by:

  • Knowing and meeting Client’s needs at every stage of the work,
  • Precisely understanding our Clients’ requirements and expectations in contracts,
  • Employing stable and experienced staff,
  • Raising staff quality and security awareness,
  • Setting clear quality responsibilities at every post,
  • Maintaining a well-equipped, modern machinery park,
  • Introducing new technologies,
  • Conducting periodic checks of work processes,
  • Choosing and working with reliable providers,
  • Meeting the norms and legal provisions covering our services.